Design Lab Blog Gets Michael Fergusson Talking About Digital Therapeutics

By April 21, 2017In the Press, News

Nadaa Taiyab talked to Michael Fergusson about digital therapeutics

In the blog, Value-based Care Design Lab, Nadaa Taiyab covers the intersection of patient engagement, design, and health. She spoke with Ayogo CEO, Michael Fergusson about digital therapeutics. In the Design Lab blog post, Fergusson discusses how Ayogo refined a new approach to digital therapeutics, applying psychology to health care, and working with clinical partners to develop, evaluate and iterate on the product. He touches on predictive analytics, goal-based health programs and the deep psychological barriers to behavior change.
Excerpt: What if the patient couldn’t lose weight, for example, due to deep trauma associated with sexual violence or other types of abuse. How could an app address that?

“I do not believe in engineering psychologists, coaches, doctors out. Those people are the high value artifacts of the healthcare system. They are very expensive and very effective. The point of a well-designed system, isn’t to obviate the healthcare system. The job of a digital system is to make it more efficient.

This digital tool can help us translate between these two worlds. We are currently collaborating to help young people that are struggling with opiate addictions, where addiction is rooted in trauma. This helps them stay connected outside of the therapy session. It helps them remain conscious and aware and stay connected with peer support — connecting in between times. Digital tech can be very helpful there.”
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