I ❤ Jellyfish

By January 31, 2012Projects

I ❤ Jellyfish game app gets players to navigate a perilous aquatic world while teaching them to regulate their heartbeat.
When a player enters the perilous underwater ecosphere of “I ❤ Jellyfish”, their heart rate immediately connects to their jellyfish’s bioluminescence. During the game, the player’s fluctuating BPMs or heartbeats per minute changes the radius of light, which attracts all nearby creatures in the sea. Players level up by absorbing smaller prey and avoiding bigger predators. It is the skillful combination of BPM control and phone tilts that steers a player successfully through this aquatic world. In addition to solo gameplay, this game also has a network play option that allows multiple players to compete against each other to be the biggest jellyfish, with their individual heart rates an observable and active part of the environment.
The key to the game is its health application: parents and clinicians can generate a program for a child and have the game report back progress against those metrics. A child who needs to keep a low heart rate, before surgery, for example, will be rewarded in the game for doing so, and vice versa for a player who needs to keep a higher heartbeat to increase physical fitness. By playing this game kids are engaging in a healthy exercise without thinking about it!
This game for iPhone and iPad is currently in demo mode but the market version of the game will include a number of social features that will allow players to share their scores with their social graph.
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