Ayogi in the Spotlight: Jason Yee

By July 18, 2016About Ayogis

Q&A with an Ayogo Accounting Assistant

Jason Accounting Assistant
Name: Jason Yee
Title: Accounting Assistant, Ayogo Health Inc.
Fun Facts: I film, edit, and create videos to document aspects of my life! 
Hobbies: Photography, videography, hiking, travelling, and exploring new places.
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jaysunyee

Each month we place an Ayogi in the spotlight. This month, meet Jason Yee. Indispensable to the Finance Department, Jason is also a key part of our Admin team. Jason joined Ayogo while pursuing a degree at Simon Fraser University. His workload as an Accounting Assistant has shifted between fulltime and parttime based on his school-life balance.
A recent graduate in Actuarial Science, we love Jason’s flexible attitude and skillset. Besides tending to the usual accounts receivable and payables, Jason can be found creating business development reports or keeping the company HIPAA compliant to ensure we treat patient health information securely.
Jason made a breathless first appearance in his phone interview with Minaz Kurji. Moments before the call, Jason was racing to find a hidden $100 bill (@HiddenCashYVR). The envelope had just been found by another eager seeker when Jason’s phone rang. Jason asked for a moment to catch his breath, composing himself quickly after the big loss! The phone call turned into a win, as he was hired at Ayogo after a follow-up in person interview. We knew that someone with such playful determination and the smarts to do ActSci, was going to be a great fit with the team.
What is your area of expertise?

As an actuary, I analyze risk and mitigate the costs associated with it. At Ayogo, I’ve also learned to be an Excel wizard. I was a bit more advanced than your average person going into the job, but many of the processes I had to discover on the fly here at Ayogo. I used Google a lot to attain Excel wizard-status!

What are you hoping to achieve while at Ayogo?

Working at a small company has exposed me to working in different environments. Since I’ve been at Ayogo for almost 2 years, I’ve been able to learn, create and lead many of the organizational policies and procedures for a start-up of our size. I’m hoping to continue learning how I can contribute my strengths to various departments.

What advice would you give to students looking to start their career?

When applying to a company like Ayogo, who actively looks for a strong cultural fit for their team, it’s important to showcase your fun side. Don’t just submit the boring cover letter and resume. Instead, include a touch of your personal side—that’s a sure way to stand out! Also, try to be flexible in the position you’re applying for. If a position does not entirely match your ideal job criteria, but you possess the necessary skills to perform the duties of the job, it does not hurt to apply and see how it fits you. After all, I got into an accounting job, with little to no accounting background and gained very valuable knowledge along the way!

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